AMSI's music choice reflects in the stations it provides support to ... Power107.8 FM - All Hits No Bakwaas & Aamar106.2 FM - Kolkata's best music.

Power107.8FM - All Hits No Bakwaas...
    POWER 107.8FM is Kolkatas new 24 hour, FM contemporary hit radio station, featuring unique and innovative programming, promotions and contests especially designed to appeal to the sophisticated, young and trendy, under 30 years of age audience.

Power 107.8FM not only plays the power hits of the 90’s and today’s best hit music, but also introduces the hottest new music of tomorrow, bringing a fresh sound to the FM band in Kolkata and proving the adage “new equals better”.

Primarily targeted at the 15-30 year of age group, Power 107.8FM is the ultimate frequency on the FM radio dial for young, cosmopolitan Kolkatans. 

With an upbeat blend of the best of Bollywood, together with the best Indi Pop and selected western super hits, Power 107.8FM is a 24/7 party and satisfies the adulation that many listeners in this target group have for contemporary entertainment.

More than just music Power 107.8FM has its finger on the pulse of contemporary pop culture and trends, both locally and globally.

The Power 107.8FM on-air lineup features an exciting and energetic mix of experienced RJ’s together with new personalities, some of whom were selected from hundreds of auditions held at various locations all over Kolkata during “Star Power” the station’s search for new RJ talent.

If it is hip, hot and happening – expect it to be happening on Power 107.8FM

Aamar106.2FM - Kolkata's Best Music ...
As the station name suggests Aamar 106.2FM is positioned as ‘MY’ radio station, which could also be described as “The Radio Station Built for Kolkata by Kolkatans”. 

All of the elements heard on Aamar 106.2FM were designed from the input and feedback collected from extensive local research studies and its unique “FM Radio Start-Up” pre-launch campaign.

The on-air presentation language of Aamar 106.2FM is 100% Bengali (being the only private FM station to do so) with programmes designed to appeal to sophisticated, contemporary, urban Bengali listeners, aged between 24 and 44 years, in middle and upper socio-economic groups.

Aamar 106.2FM plays Kolkata’s best music mix for listeners, from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and today, ranging from Bengali popular songs to the best of Hindi film music. The station reflectsthe wide variety and rich history of contemporary popular music produced in Kolkata and West Bengal, along with special lifestyle features and exciting radio contests and promotions, designed as relevant to the target audience and with prizes these listener’s love to win. 

The Aamar 106.2FM image, portrays all that the upwardly mobile Kolkatan is attracted to and is a talking point amongst Bengalis in Kolkata, where neighbours and friends are encouraged to relate to the station and exchange views on what the station offers.

As a friend and concerned fellow Kolkatan, Aamar 106.2FM gives to listeners a truly local Bengali FM station they can call their own, building a strong loyalty factor in Kolkata with its listeners. 

To advertisers, Aamar 106.2FM gives immediate access to a very large, loyal and intelligent consumer base. 

Why wait any longer when it could be so much fun to say: ‘Aamar 106.2FM ... that’s MY radio station’